A time to reflect…

A time to draw a line in the sand…

Here we are on the cusp of a new year and it is, I have noticed, perhaps because of the holidays, a natural time to draw to a close the year. What does that mean?

Well to me it signals a time of reflection. As we spend time with loved ones over Christmas or holiday and away from our daily rush called life, we ponder on the relationships we have. We get a chance to reflect on how healthy they are. We have more time together and notice if that feels right and good or unhealthy and toxic. Perhaps it is a time to rethink who we might spend more time in contact with in the new year and whom we will not.

Friendships often get a break at this time as we spend more time with whanau (family) and we know whom we miss and definitely know those we do not. This is a sure fire way to know who we might need to spend a little less time with and who we need to prioritise in our friendship world.

It is a time of season change and we see changes in our bodies and the way we eat. This is a chance to make decisions about how we might change the way we are nourishing ourselves in the coming year. It is also a chance to do some research into what’s out there and start to look for help. We naturally have a little more time in the holidays to do these things and read/research a little.

There will be areas of our career and current chosen paths that come to a natural end as classes finish and offices are closed for a holiday period. This is also a chance to consider if headed into the new year we might like to mix that area of our life up. Perhaps part-time work is a more healthy choice for you. You might have been off home for a year and be ready to step forwards into what is new in the coming year. Or you might be ready for that promotion and new responsibility.

As you read this your soul will be screaming yes or no… listen. For some of you it will be a time to quit and go back to study and that is okay as well. Do not conform to what you think others think you should be doing. That is a guaranteed way to end up unhappy in this coming new year.

But then what? What do we do with all those reflections? Where do we start with even trying to install the new. Here are some tips.

Start to write. It’s a new year so why not grab a new notebook if you don’t have one and journal down the thoughts and feeling you have. Start a list of things that are “in” and things that are “out”. You will be amazed at how great this makes you feel. Also written goals have a way of coming to pass that unwritten ones often do not.

Start today. A phrase that I heard once was “do not put off to tomorrow that which can be achieved today”. What are you waiting for. The biggest hinderance to the new is inertia. Start right now. Take a step into the new and see where the path leads you. Very quickly you will find more confidence in your forward movement and know if the direction is going to be right for you.

Make the phone call, enrol, drawer the line. There is decision point when something is written but then there needs to be the action point. Tip yourself up to the “no turning back now” place before you hit your point of doubt and back out.

Find a coach or teacher. If you are dreaming big enough you are going to need support. Now, some of you may have a safe person in your world who already who fits this role. However most don’t. Do not tell you family or close friends if they are not this person. Those closest to us like to keep us as we are. They are comfortable with how we are and people don’t naturally love change. The last thing you need is a loved one naysaying all over your newly written goals and dreams. Let them know once you are past the tipping point and its too late to turn back.

Invest. You are worth it. Work out how you can afford to do it and invest back into you. Be it training or a new exercise class or art class. What ever it is going to be invest in you and believe you are worth it. You will never regret time spent on your dreams.

My heart for you all is that by the end of January you are 31 days into a new direction for you. That you look back and think wow I can not believe I did that in 30 days. Every day if you just take one step, by the end of a month you will have 31 days of a new direction behind you. By the end of this current season you will have 60 days behind you and by the end of the year you will have 365 days of action on your new path behind you.

You can not fail if every day you keep taking forward movement on your goals.

Happy New year to you all x

Author: Deborah Rose

Taking life by the horns and living it

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