Getting Started

So here we are on the cusp of finally getting this vision off the ground. After years of putting desires to the side to make way for babies moving countries and a husbands business dream we are getting started.

There is so much to be said and so much to be caught up on. I apologise there is not much here yet. But trust me it is coming and you will see it very soon spilling into your world in emails, courses and free offers.

There is so much in me that just has to get out and onto the page. I wish I could teach it all in one go but it has taken me a life time of study to get to this point so to rush all that in you would be a huge mistake.

So walk with me my darling. Take your time as I have done and by the time we are through I pray that you will have such a deeper knowledge of who you are and how to let her out.

Don’t wait another minute.


I recently had to speak at our local business womans group and this was the message that flowed out on passion.  Enjoy…


We are all here because we are woman in business having a go. But that is not all we are. Usually we are daughters to someone, sisters to our siblings, wives to our husbands and mums to our children. Some of us may even be grandmothers. Just by fulfilling each of those roles our lives are already very busy.  But we have chosen to throw a business in on top.

I say chosen because in reality we had other choices.  In everything we do we always have a choice.  Even if it is shall I get up today or just let the day pass by in bed? What other choices could we have made?

  • We could have gone out and gotten a job.
  • We could be on a benefit.
  • We could be a full time Mum.
  • We could have returned to study.

Those choices are always there and all are valid.  You however in this current season have found yourself choosing business.

Who are you? What is your passion? Do you know? When was the last time you stopped and took stock of yourself and your dreams and goals?  Did you mean to be in business?  Or have you woken up and realised you were on autopilot and now here you are knee deep in something you are not quite sure of or where to take the next step.

Do you love what you do? Business is not easy. It is a constant bombardment of “to dos” and checklists.   When you are starting out you need to do those all yourself.  This can be a minefield and checking all the right boxes can soon suck your enthusiasm.

I’m here to tell you – You better be sure you love what you do.

“When people are living from passion they tend to be fulfilled, happy, healthy and love everyone around them.  There isn’t much room to get sick, be angry or unhappy when you do something you love all day.”  says Lewis Howes

What would you skip dinner for?? Is it what you are doing?  Are you so sold out and committed that you would be willing to give up other things for the sake of this business passion?  Owners of successful businesses would say this is critical to success.  Not that it rules and takes over your life but that you are ‘sold out’.

If the business you are in is not what you love then I suggest you think long and hard about that.  Never mind those feelings of letting people down or disappointing customers.  You might be ok for now but people who are overloaded doing something they do not enjoy or love will not last.  Burnout, Depression and other illness will eventually creep in and who has time in life to be in that zone.

Love what you do.  For some it the product they make.  For some it is sales and interacting with customers and the buzz they get with giving great service.  Helping people.  For others it is the art and game of business itself and product might not be important. Find your why and know it.

Stop a while this week and think hard.  Am I happy?  Is this business something I see myself still doing in a year or even five years?   Will it fulfil me longterm?  Does this business still hold the same passion it did when it started?  Does what I do even need to be a business or is it ruining the hobby I fell in love with. Business is not for everyone.

Support of one another and our local community businesses is important for growth.  Know whose in town and what they offer and let others know.  Pass on to others your good experiences so that those businesses grow and in tern the same will come back to you.

This group is here to support you wherever you are in the process.  We are all woman out in our local community having a go.  Some of us will soar and others will just tick along and whose to say what is right or healthy for each of us as an individual.  But lets be supportive.  Feel free to use the Facebook page to ask questions from other members.    I will try and put up a regular topic for those interested to comment on.  Lets have fun and see where this thing goes.