What is a Health Coach?

Written by: Deborah Rose

A Health Coach is potentially the best investment you could make in yourself
…and the learnings last you a lifetime

I get the feeling when I mention the profession of Health coaching people are a little miffed as to what that means.  This is a relatively new field here in New Zealand hence my studies have been done through the USA.  I will attempt to lay out ‘what is a health coach’ for you all so that people can start to realise the potential having a health coach could have in their lives.

Might be best to start with what a Health coach is not.  A Health coach is not a dietitian, naturopath, personal trainer or doctor.  In fact it has been found it is often better that they are not health professional. They do however work well alongside these other professions to help people struggling to make the changes needed for health and get them to follow through with what they already know or have been told they should be doing.

Time spent with other health professional is often limited and restricted and usually only deals with the one area focus at a time.  A Health coach on the other hand gets a chance to spend more time and dig a little deeper into the whole person and look at the other factors around that persons health that could be causing them symptoms in the first instance.

A Health coach uses evidence-based practice and improvement to support clients. They help clients build healthy habits that align with how their clients want to feel every day. They do this by looking at a persons body as a unique entity and helping the person find what is right for them as an individual.  They then guide them to implement incremental change to routines, to foster new habits and create long standing life improvements

I guess you could say a health coach is part cheerleader and part tough love coach.  They can be the difference between someone falling off the wagon again and again and them finally getting the results they want.

Health coaches are really masters of habit change. They will hold someones hand through the process of healing without making them feel small but instead instilling a conquering can do attitude and belief that getting to a place of wholeness and health is really possible and sustainable long-term

A Health coach will help you to view life through fresh eyes and get you to slow down long enough to make health a priority for you.  A Health coach will help you be mindful of your daily habits and to help you see what you perhaps can not see in yourself.  Or they can gently remind you of what you already know but are not yet managing to implement in your own life to help you achieve your goals.

We have all heard the phrase “work smarter not harder” that is a goal for the health of your body as well as in other areas of life.  There is no ‘one fit’ health solution for everybody.  There is no such thing as a pill that can make you healthy.  So invest in yourself and take the time to evaluate where your personal health is at with a professional and let them guide you to be your best you.