Nutrition 101

written by: Deborah Rose
date: 13/11/2018


Let me see if I can keep this super simple for you all…

Nutrition is the bodily process of taking in and assimilating nutrients from the food we eat. This is done to support our bodies health, replacement of tissues and growth.

To nourish your body correctly with food you need to be consuming the right foods in order to do so.  Food is essential for human life.

The six main nutrients that the body needs are: Proteins, Lipids (fats), carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals.

Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids (fats) = Micronutrients
Vitamins and Minerals = Macronutrients

Macronutrients are the only nutrients to provide our bodies with energy in the form of calories.  We need calories to function. Calories are essential for human health.

Calories often get a bad reputation due to weight-loss diets.  Those on weight-loss diets can obsess about calorie intake.  The bottom line is that too many and we will see weight gain and subsequent related diseases and too few and we will see the body begin to waste away and as it does it begins to shut down basic necessary body health functions.

No person is the same as then next and no persons nutritional requirements are the same as the next.  People have different metabolisms and they all burn calories at differing rates.  So it is important to listen and notice what works for your own body.

You can follow diet guides as a starting point but ultimately need to learn about and evaluate your own health to know if you are eating the right amount of calories and nutrients to optimise your bodily functions.

Micronutrients are required only in trace amounts.  They aid with bodily functions like metabolism, growth, renewal of cell and physical well-being.

Carbohydrates  are the bodies most desired form of energy.  This is because they can be broken down quickly and utalised by the body and digestive system.  Hence the cravings we get for a quick snack when our energy wains.  There are three types of Carbohydrates (Simple, Complex and Fibre).

Lipids (Fats) come in three forms.  They are Saturated Fat, Unsaturated Fat (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and Trans fats.

Fats are crucial for our survival.  They provide a high-density energy source and help to maintain our protect our cellular membranes.  Tehy help the body with the absorption of  the fat-soluable vitamins we need and help us to regulate our hormones and create viatamin D.  Fats also provide consistency, taste, stability and satisfaction from foods.

Proteins play many critical roles in the body.  They are required for function, regulation and structure of the bodies tissues and organs.  They are made up of smaller sub-units called Amino acids.  Protein makes up enzymes which are vital for optimal digestion and immunity in the body.  It also defines how we ultimately are made up, look and behave.

Protein can be used as a source of energy, but only as a last resort as the body refers to use it for more important functions in repair, growth and development instead.

So that’s it.  A very basic introduction to nutrition for those of you who have maybe never looked in to it.  If you are keen to learn more about yourself and your body then there is so much information out there you can use as a guide.

However my ultimate advise to you will always be to listen to your own body and what it is telling you.  Dry skin, eczema, aches and pains, dandruff, dry eyes … are all symptoms of something having an effect on the body.  Start with analysing what you are consuming and rubbing up against and you most likely will discover what ails you.

Be blessed everyone x


Author: Deborah Rose

Taking life by the horns and living it

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