Your Body’s trying to tell you something…

Written By: Deborah Rose
Dated: 18/11/18

Is your body trying to tell you something?  Stop to ponder that for a moment.  As a health coach we are taught that our bodies are the most advanced test model and university of “us” that has ever existed.  What that simply means is.  We put food and substances into it and then our bodies in turn react positively or negatively to those introduced substances and react accordingly.  This gives the us clues we need to begin to properly nourish and look after ourselves and remember no two bodies are the same so what works for you might not work for you family or friends and vise-versa.

You might never have realised how much effect what you eat or use (like creams and deodorants) on your body can effect you body systems and how you are day to day both physically and mentally.  But lets break this down a little for you.

Your body is constantly regenerating every day.  Some parts change and generate cells quicker than others. Things like hair and nails make it easy to see this taking place.  Both are always growing.  Then we have skin cells. Dead skin is constantly flaking/wearing off as the new cells come through from underneath.  The way the body heals from a cut or graze also shows you this marvellous phenomena. The same is happening with internals cells and our organs as well.

So how then does what you put in your mouth or onto your skin effect that process? What you eat each day goes through your digestive system.  As the food moves through it is broken down and nutrients the body needs are absorbed along the way through different organs as it passes through the digestive tract.  The rest is processed by our liver passes through the intestines and bowel and leaves the body as waste.  You can tell so much about how well your internal system is working by how your faeces looks, smells and leaves the body (fast, slow …).  Buts thats another blog.

Then we have what comes in contact with your skin.  This is absorbed.  If you put chemicals onto your skin there is no barrier to stop them entering your cells and blood steam and causing havoc with your body processes.  The liver takes the hit here again and gets overloaded with toxins that it then needs to eradicate and help to leave the body.  If the poor liver gets over loaded with toxins from food and absorbed potions it spends all its time dealing with those and not enough absorbing what our body needs to regenerate well. That to is a whole other blog, but we will leave that for another day.

Now most people know that different foods carry different vitamins and minerals.  We are all told that we should eat a rainbows every day.  If your staple diet is rice, potatoes or bread, yes your body can survive on these and sadly in some countries that is sometimes all they have.  But if you only eat white foods your body is missing out of some of the vital things it needs to be at its optimum.  That is why those countries suffer high levels of malnutrition and disease.

The best thing you can do is to vary your diet and include as many fresh and unsprayed fruits and vegetables as possible.  You can get the carbohydrates (energy) you need from them.  Make sure you’re getting a source of protein daily and healthy fats are also a must for healthy hormones and cell regeneration.  Take time to learn the basics of healthy nutrition.  You live in this body every day and expect it to perform for you.  The least you can do is give it the right fuel.  

If you put diesel in a petrol car will it run well or at all?  No it will get very sick, very quickly.  Our bodies can not function well either without the fuel it needs.  So, back to “is you body trying to tell you something”…

If you feel bloated after eating, if you get dermatitis, excema, dandruff, itchy ear canals, itchy genitals, cracked nails, gout, heart pain, aches in joints, bury vision, yeast flareups, dry mouth, excess mucus…  the list really goes on and on.  But essentially this is our amazing body going, “hey there, can you lay off that food for a bit”, “hey there, that cream is not working for me”.  “Hey you are eating too much, or not enough”…

I know two of my biggest indicators are itchy ear canals and bloated tummy.  Both happen from different foods.  The itchy ears is too much sugar or when I have had one to many alcoholic drinks over a weekend.  They bloated tummy is all about wheat for me.  I love it so much though but within about an hour I notice the swelling in my abdomen.  I never connected those two things to food before but now I already know when I am consuming the food/drink that if I over do it the result will come.

So how can you use this body university of yours to your advantage?  Instead of getting upset and rushing off the the doctor to get a pill/lotion with more synthetic chemicals in it to counter what you are putting into your own body.  First try and establish a pattern and see if you can’t heal yourself with a diet change.  So try and find the food you think could be causing the flare up.  Eat a good amount of the food in one go and see if you have a reaction.  Have a break for a few days/week from it and see if the symptoms fade.  Then hit the body with that food again in a good dose and see if the symptoms come back.  If they do there is a good chance you have found a food your body struggles with or has an intolerance to. I would suggest a break from that food for a good month.

Then reintroduce that food again and see if the reaction comes back. Its that simple really.  Evidence based testing.  Sometimes your body will just need a break from a food and then the tolerance for it comes back and you can happily eat is again for a while.  Sometimes though the reaction will be so severe when you reintroduce it that the body symptoms it sets off for you makes leaving that food out of your diet the best option.  Its like someone with an alergy.  Once they know they have it and its no good for them they then eradicate it from there diet as they can’t risk an anaphylactic reaction.  

With food elimination though, if the food has been  a major source of something your body needs like calcium or a certain vitamin then you will need to find another food to add into your diet to replace that.  Failing that you may need to supplement with vitamins, however real food should always be your preference over man made vitamin sources.

Take time to read up a little on what a healthy body needs to grow and function at its best and put more of that into you body on a regular basis and cut out the empty foods and beverages with no benefits.

More to come on some of the health v/s inflammatory foods and what to look out for in your skincare and oral care products also.  Happy testing everybody and remember, everything that goes into your body is what your body uses to regenerate from. Try and give it the best help possible by putting good, clean, unprocessed and real food in whenever possible.

Author: Deborah Rose

Taking life by the horns and living it

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