New Year Overwhelm

So you had a great holiday and had a chance to clear your head and rediscover a little about what you want to achieve for 2019. You headed back to work in this stinking heat (or freezing cold if your on the other side of the world) and bamm… you have hit a wall.

The new year overwhelm wall is very real. Not only are you up against all your own expectations you are also slamming into others new expectations as well. Maybe your boss came back with 3 new projects for you to tackle. Maybe like me you suddenly realised that you still have nearly 4 wks of school holidays and therefore nothings getting done in a hurry.

Don’t despair and give up. This is all very normal. Take a deep couple of breaths and get your paper out and jot down again the things from your own list for this year that are important to you. You still have 11 1/2 months to achieve these. They are not there to be conquered in a day.

Remember that there is a phenomina that happens to goals that are written that means that they have a much higher chance of being achieved. Take a look at them again and commit them to your soul. Then have a think about which one you want to tackle first. There is always a favourite.

What one thing could you do on that goal this week to get you some forward momentum? You will feel great when that gets achieved. So what will it be? A first workout, blog, video, research into how to make something/create something. A roadmap for the year towards a goal or a phone call. Whatever it is be specific so you can check it off once its achieved and reward yourself.

The best way to create a new habit is when it leads to a desired reward. Make it something nice. My friend Kate has a list of rewards. Things she would like. Things like a massage or coffee with a friend or to watch a movie. It can be simple or complex. Then before you begin your task choose from your list what the reward would be and make sure you stop and take the reward when its achieved.

This will stop you reaching the end of the year having just worked and done stuff all year long and had no fun and no feeling of achieved success along the way. I also guarantee that as you check things off and reward yourself it will build the momentum you need to see your goal achieved or at the very least well on the way to achievement by the end of the year.

Don’t give up. Seek a good friend or coach who also wants to see you succeed. Communicate with them and be real with where you are at. Let them encourage and motivate you. You know you want to achieve things and they will be your cheer squad and in some instances the task master who will keep you on track towards where you want to go.

So remember deep breaths. It helps with the anxiousness and overwhelm. Count to 5 and take a step. You will be on your way again in no time. Take heart my friend. You are not alone in this walk.

Author: Deborah Rose

Taking life by the horns and living it

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